Faith and Trust

We all put our faith and trust in something–whether it’s money or ourselves or our jobs–every day we are trusting in something to get us through and to make us happy and fulfilled.

Putting our trust in anything other than God will leave us disappointed. Putting our faith in anything in addition to God doesn’t work either.

The posts in this faith and trust category will make up the bulk of posts in this blog and will mostly be me preaching to myself because unfortunately, trusting God completely is not my default.

I often mistakenly think that I can do things better than God. But God patiently reminds me daily that he knows best and he always has my best interests at heart.

I know writing these lessons down will help me, and I pray God uses it to encourage and help others as well.

Below are the areas I particularly struggle with when it comes to living life as a single Christian lady in a culture strikingly opposed to God’s view of love, singleness and marriage.

Wonderfully Made: Dealing with the insecurities that arise when you let outside influences instead of your Creator define your beauty. Ladies, I’m 28, and I can count the number of dates I’ve been on with one hand…God’s had to walk with me through a lot of insecurity about being who He created me to be.

An Undivided Heart: Thoughts on singleness from a girl recovering from the delusion that she was supposed to earn a degree and a husband in college…

Remembering God’s Faithfulness: God has brought me through other challenges and dark times that have had nothing to do with my singleness. I like bragging about Him for His faithfulness.


One thought on “Faith and Trust

  1. Jennifer Foss says:

    I know Amy from church and clicked on her Facebook link to you blog. I love it!! Please keep writing. Thank you for words of wisdom and sharing with us.

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