God Provides

My second grade teacher, Mrs. Powers, hated me because I had a lot of trouble paying attention in class, and I got distracted easily. I’ve always been a daydreamer, and I can’t help it if my imagination was more exciting than the subtraction problems that weren’t that difficult.

Writing has always been attractive to me because it’s basically daydreaming with purpose. Screenwriting has always been a dream I kept in the back of my mind because it seems huge and hard and unrealistic. But God has been directing my heart to begin seriously pursing this dream over the past year.

It’s been scary and overwhelming and exciting. A constant refrain in my prayers has been, “Am I just being crazy or is this actually something You’re leading me to do?”

Through prayer and searching Scripture and seeking council from close friends, I’ve gotten nothing but reassurance from God, and so I responded in obedience.

I applied and got accepted into a screenwriting program called Act One. It’s based in Hollywood, but offers an online summer writing program.

Act One lines up perfectly with my dream to pursue screenwriting because they are passionate about telling great stories, but their passion for storytelling stems from their passion to influence Hollywood with the light and truth of the gospel.

I ultimately desire to be a light for the gospel in whatever sphere of influence God places me. But to imagine that He might be calling me to daydream all day and be a light for Him in a dark place causes me to pinch myself.

And now that I’m accepted into this program, I’m waiting to see how God will provide the funds to pay for it. Money has never been an obstacle for God even though sometimes it causes anxiety for me.

I believe my next step in obedience in chasing this dream is asking for help. The writing program costs $2000 and consists of a 4 day workshop in Hollywood followed by 10 weeks of online classes. I will have to have a $1000 deposit by May 25, the other $1000 will be due by June 8.

I know God will provide the funds if this is something He wants me to continue to pursue, but I don’t like asking for money for several reasons that center around my pride:

  • I may fall flat on my face and fail at this, so thus far, I’ve invited as little people as possible along side me in this journey. I feel like broadcasting my screenwriting dream here could be the equivalent of those bad singers in the first rounds of American Idol who always thought they were awesome until Simon Cowell told them otherwise.
  • I don’t like admitting that I’m not self sufficient. I wish I could just pay for this out of pocket, but I knew when applying for it that I wouldn’t be able to. I was kinda just hoping God would send me a check for $2000, so I wouldn’t have to ask for help.

But I’m trusting that this will be an opportunity for God to provide in a big way. Whatever the outcome, I’m learning what it’s like to trust Him to provide all my needs and to trust that His timing and ways are better than my own.

Please feel no pressure at all, but in case God leads you to help me out in this journey, click here to go to the fundraising page I set up. As always, I’m just thankful that you took the time to read!


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