God is Not My Valentine

I’m single, and while February 14 is by no means my favorite day of the year, I don’t hate it. Bitterness doesn’t help anybody.

I recognize that lots of people enjoy Valentine’s Day, and while it’s marketed almost entirely towards couples, it’s a great day to let my friends and family know how much I love them as well.

Am I a little sad that I don’t have a Valentine like a bunch of my friends? Yes I am.

But I feel some well meaning Christians tell us poor singles you shouldn’t be sad because Jesus is your Valentine.

First of all, it’s ok for me to be sad. I’m single. I would like to be married someday, and Valentine’s Day brutally reminds me that I’m still waiting for that day to come.

And like any other day that I’m sad about being single, I tell God. And just like on any other day, he reminds me–I am loved. 

He’s given me the best family and the most thoughtful, kind, amazingly wonderful group of friends in the world.

But most importantly, I’m loved by him.

Not in some cheesy will-you-be-my-valentine kind of way though. Jesus is so much more than just a Valentine and to reduce him to such I believe exponentially downsizes the great love he has for me.

His love is everlasting. He recklessly sought after me and sacrificed everything to win my heart and reconcile me to God. His love goes before me and behind me. Nothing can separate me from this great love–not past shortcomings or future mistakes. This love surrounds me when all is well and holds me when everything falls apart.

This beautifully big and faithful love transcends our wildest imagination and is worth so much more than making me feel better about my singleness on Valentine’s Day.

This love is infinitely beyond that I’ll buy you flowers once a year out of necessity kind of love.

God is love, and He’s by my side through it all. He is constant, sure and extravagant. He’s my comforter. My strength. My shield. My confidence. My hope. My redeemer. My savior. But no, not my Valentine.

PS: God doesn’t want you just to be his Valentine either. He wants all of you and all your love because he knows he is the only one who can satisfy your hearts deepest longings.


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