Being Silent is Easy

The first couple of times I missed posting were for legitimate reasons…

But then as the days and weeks went on, the excuses came easier, and the “I’ll just wait until tomorrow” attitude took up permanent residence in my thoughts affecting my actions–or inaction as it were.

The allure about tomorrow is that it’s this mystical land where your best intentions always succeed. But in reality, dreaming about what we will accomplish tomorrow only wastes the time we are given today.

One of the biggest things that scared me when I started this blog was that I would fail at my goal to post twice a week. And I did.

Then I let that failure keep me from writing, and I lived in my tomorrow dreamworld where I would start writing again and never miss another post. But the thing is–I will.

And it’s ok. Sometimes failure (though it really stinks when you’re in the middle of it) makes success mean that much more because you know you didn’t give up.

And by “you” I mean “me” because I’m the one who really needed this pep talk today, and I needed to write something–anything to get me out of this rut.


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