Short Term Memory Loss

In my walk with God, I act a lot like Dory* from Finding Nemo. I don’t act like Dory in a good way though–like her positive outlook and perseverance (just keep swimming). No, as the title of the post might suggest, I relate to her ability to remember things for only five seconds. Thankfully, God is much more patient than Marlin, but still it frustrates me how often I forget God’s past provisions.

The disciples had this problem too. Matthew 14:13-21 depicts Jesus feeding five thousand people with fives loaves and two fish. A mere chapter later in Matthew 15:32-39, Jesus has compassion on another large group of people (four thousand this time) to whom he has been preaching for 3 days, and tells the disciples he is unwilling to send the people away hungry.

You’d think the disciples would say something like, “Great! We just have some loaves and a few fish, but considering last time, that won’t be a problem for you, Jesus!”

Nope. Instead they ask Jesus, “Where are we to get enough bread in such a desolate place?” seeming to have completely forgotten what happened in the previous chapter. Granted, I’m not entirely sure how far apart these two events would have been in real life, but still, come on disciples.

I imagine Jesus looking around and saying, “Really?” But Jesus doesn’t scold them. He asks what they have to offer, and then uses the seven loaves and few small fish they give him to do great things.

Now if the disciples who were with Jesus daily could so quickly forget, how much more am I liable to stare at the mountain in front of me and forget how many mountains God has moved for me in the past?

Remembering God’s past provisions and graces gives us confidence to believe that God will also provide everything we need to handle today. Even in the desolate places in our lives or maybe especially in the desolate places because the desolate place was the perfect arena for Jesus to show his great power.

Writing this blog helps me remember. I also hope that by seeing God’s faithfulness in my life, you will be reminded that he will be faithful in yours as well. And I encourage you to find your own way-writing or music or painting or whatever-to remember the ways God has provided for you in the past!

*Dory is a fish from Finding Nemo who has a 5 second memory. If you haven’t seen this movie, you should probably go watch it right now so you can appreciate the comparison. Seriously. Go now.


3 thoughts on “Short Term Memory Loss

  1. Stan S, Alabama says:

    Great reminder Sarah. I was just reading about the example you gave with Jesus and the disciples a few days ago. When I saw the title I thought you had been reading my drafts – Short Memories – Draft. I have had that one in the works for a few days but the title really is the only similarity. It is kind of funny though, at least it is to me but then again I am a little (or a lot depending on who you ask) weird.

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