Someday My Prince Will Come

When I was touring the college I eventually ended up attending, I remember looking at my enrollment counselor’s left hand and noticing that she didn’t have a wedding band or even engagement ring.

This confused me because she had recently graduated, and I couldn’t understand why she hadn’t found her husband while in school. I mean part of the reason I wanted to go to Union was because I believed a christian college would be the perfect place to find a nice christian husband–maybe even a pastor if I was lucky.

I figured I’d be married by graduation, so I wouldn’t really have to worry about my future because I’d just follow my husband wherever. The moment I realized all hope was gone for this dream was Sophomore year in my first day of Biblical Greek.

If I were to be honest, the major motive behind me taking Greek was to find my preacher husband. Union had like an 8-2 Girl to Guy ratio, so I took the class because I knew that for the first time, I would be outnumbered by the guys.

On the first day, our professor told us we would have a study partner for the semester.

Yes, there’s only one other girl in this class! I’m going to find my future husband today. My study partner and I will work on our Greek over coffee and probably be engaged by the end of the year. Perfect!

My study partner ended up being the only married guy in the room. I don’t think I studied with him once all semester.

I stuck with Greek for 2 years and still never found my husband. On the bright side, I learned a language that helped me deepen my understanding of God’s Word, and I got A’s on all my tests which made me feel super smart. (All that smart-ness is gone now though–I’ve been really bad about actually studying Greek the past few years, so I’ve pretty much forgotten it all.)

Don’t judge me too harshly–I had a lot of misguided thoughts and ideas that God has slowly changed. He has brought me a long way in my understanding of the purpose for my singleness since my high school and early college years.

And after a lot of kicking and screaming on my part, I’ve finally come to a place of contentment and even thankfulness for my singleness. I mean if one of the many relationships (and by many, I mean like 2) that I had earnestly prayed would work out, had actually worked out, I would not be here today working in a place I love.

God’s plan is always better.

So probably about once or maybe twice a month, I’m going to share here what God’s been teaching me about singleness–but really it’s about contentment and waiting and trusting.


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