An Uncommon Adventure

The dictionary describes adventure as “an unusual and exciting, typically hazardous, experience or activity.”

I’d say that following Christ fits that definition almost perfectly. Let’s break it down.

Unusual: The lives of those who follow Christ shouldn’t look normal. We are commanded not to be conformed to the image of this world. Our lives are set apart to God as living sacrifices. This looks unusual and even foolish to anyone not following Jesus.

Exciting: Following Jesus will never be boring.

Typically hazardous: God does not promise his followers a life of prosperity and comfort on earth. In fact, most Christ followers endure many hardships for the sake of Christ (all but 1 of the original 12 disciples were martyred and Paul was beaten and thrown into prison multiple times).  Following Christ could very well be hazardous to your wallet, safety, comfort, reputation or physical health on this earth. However, what will you gain if you have every comfort and privilege this world has to offer and lose you own soul? Compared to glories in heaven that await those who follow Jesus and the peace and joy knowing Jesus gives us while enduring trials on earth, I’ll take these light and momentary hazards any day.

The analogy sort of falls apart at the “experience or activity” part of the definition. Following Jesus is not a simple walk-down-the-aisle-during-an-invitation experience or a go-to-church-every-sunday activity; it’s a journey–a lifetime commitment. A daily commitment.

Now uncommon (meaning out of the ordinary or unusual) may seem like a redundant adjective to place in front of adventure since, as discussed above, the definition of adventure already entails “unusual.”

The more I read the Bible, the more I find that my life doesn’t look that uncommon. I try to blend in with the world because I don’t want to risk my reputation or be uncomfortable. God is teaching me (and I’m a slow learner) that following Jesus will make me stand out and even appear ridiculous or foolish to some. I wanted to emphasize that in the title.

Also, my adventure following Jesus will not look the same as yours, and that’s wonderful! God has a unique purpose for me and one for you as well. He may use a bunch of common, everyday people to further His kingdom and advance His glory, but the stories He writes for His children are far from ordinary. Each one has an uncommon beauty as unique as our fingerprints. A beauty we can’t fully appreciated unless we share our stories.

So in An Uncommon Adventure, I’ll share my story. I pray it will be encouraging, uplifting and sometimes even challenging for those who choose to read.

The posts will fall under two main categories: faith and trust and a little pixie dust. Check out those pages to learn more. Adventure is out there! explains a little more about my goals for writing this blog, and if you want to learn more about me read some of my backstory.

Thanks for reading!


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